Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Office Chronicles #1

Just came up with this realization, that ever since I have joined the writing business, officially, I have all the way more started craving for writing, artistically to be precise. Although it is far from what I am being paid for, but just to vent out.  

And the thought is, that these shall remain just with me. I am not going to share these. But just write. Vent. Take a break from the writing “creatively”, and start articulating inarticulately.  

And I will call this Office Chronicles, as of now. Great!  

So I was writing this article about one of the leading footwear companies, and I concluded with
“After all, it is all right to go choosy about three things in life:
Shoes! Spice!! Spouse!!!”

Writing this down so that I remember I have to click a photo, suitably fitting this line. 

Secondly, there is this old song I came across. 

The song is from the movie Tere Mere Sapne and was released in the year 1971. Dev Anand and Mumtaz played the leads and the movie was written and directed by none other than Dev Sahab’s brother Vijay Anand.

The funny thing is, the cycle Dev Saab is riding is the reason for me  to fall in love this song, besides its awesome melodiousness, because: 

1. Lover gets more time to romance.
2. Riding builds in the stamina.
3. Gets to enjoy/endure longer.
4. Can rest his face on her shoulder (and whistle).
5. Can smell beloved’s skin/neck/hair any time.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

"The voice of the country seems to complain,
I can’t help owning the great relief it would be
To put these people at one stroke out of their pain."

Said, Robert Frost. 
In his poem, Roadside Stand.

Friday, 11 October 2013


Just came across this news that a cyclone over the Bay of Bengal has ferociously beefed up and is swaggering towards the eastern coast of India, revealing an enormous and ruinous damage to our country. The storm is steadily heading northwest, and landfall is expected on 12th October (Saturday), on the northeast of Visakhapatnam.

‘Phailin’ is not only intense but also as large as half the size of India. It is category 5 hurricane. It’s named by Thailand, and means Sapphire in Thai.


  • Have a list of emergency phone numbers in an easily accessible position.
  • Check the walls and roof conditions of your home beforehand, and ensure that all the loose tiles, iron sheeting, etc is secured and repaired.
  • Also, find out which is the strongest and the most secure room in your house.
  • In case of a storm surge/tide warning, or other flooding, know your nearest safe high ground and the safest access route to it.
  • Have an evacuation plan ready, including evacuation routes, spare fuel, and keep listening to Community Service Announcements so that you are familiar with what is happening.
  • Prepare an emergency kit containing:
  • A portable battery radio, torch and spare batteries;
  • Water containers, dried or canned food and a can opener;
  •  Matches, fuel lamp, portable stove, cooking gear, eating utensils; and
  •  A first aid kit and manual, masking tape for windows and waterproof bags.
  • Ensure that all the garden furniture and loose items outside are secured so they cannot become flying torpedoes.
  • If you have pets and you cannot take them along with you during evacuation, plan ahead for them.
  • Check and trim overhanging branches to keep them well away from the house.
  • Keep your buckets filled, in case the drinking water supply is compromised.
  • Have sufficient cash on hand for emergencies.
  • Check with your local council or your building control authority to see if your home has been built to cyclone standards.
  • Preferably fit shutters, or at least metal screens, to all glass areas.
  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers on display.
  • Check neighbors, especially if recent arrivals, to make sure they are prepared.


  • Turn off electricity, gas and water, and unplug all appliances.
  • Ensure everyone, including pets are inside.
  • Move your family to the strongest room.
  • Keep your emergency kit with you at all times.
  • Keep listening to the radio for updates.
  • If your house begins to break apart, shelter under a really strong table or a mattress.
  • If driving, stop (handbrake on and in gear) - but well away from the sea and clear of trees, power lines and streams. Stay in the vehicle.

  • Don't go outside until advised it is safe.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Don't use electric appliances if wet .
  • Listen to local radio for official warnings and advice.
  •  If you had to evacuate, don't return until advised. Use a recommended route and don't rush!
  • Beware of damaged power lines, bridges, buildings, trees, and don't enter floodwaters.
  • Heed all warnings and don't go sightseeing. Check/help neighbors instead.
  • Don't make unnecessary telephone calls.·    
  • Never assume that broken power lines are dead; they will be live until emergency services arrive.

Beware of the "Eye of the Storm"

If the wind drops, don't assume the cyclone is over; violent winds will soon resume from another direction as the storm moves through. Cyclones move in a clock-wise direction and the eye can be 10-100km wide. Always listen to the radio to be sure when the storm is finished.


(Source: Internet)   

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Letter to God - Draft I

Image from Internet

Hello Kaanha...
The greatest of all great men, ever,

Oh Sorry, I can’t really call you men. That will be derogatory, isn’t it? After all you are the God, and this world is yours.

LOL, and I am here posting this to you over Internet. How silly of me. But it’s ok, considering them who say you do exist in every tiny bits of the universe; I hope you will get this message some way or other.

Hmmm… So coming back let me start with appreciating your work. Trust me, you have done a great job in making this splendid work of art – the world. I feel there has been no word coined yet that can truly describe this, its beauty.

From sunrise to sunset, sea to sun, rain to mountains, flowers to fountains, all the creatures and their each and every feature, and then comes the ultimate one – we human. Thank you God, for this world, so beautiful. The world which is blessed to have you as its maker, director, writer, choreographer, lyricist, lights man, and what not.  And the best part is, from time to time, you have been doing cameo roles yourself, in this.
Well you know what, you no doubt came between us, enjoyed our food, our people, and played your part, but the worst thing was you inflicted in us Hope, and taught us to use it, and you left our world long ago. And people are still hopeful about you. That you still exist, that you are still here.  

Lakhs of people worship you, offer you flowers and food, and burn candles at your so called places, but are you really there? And if you do, then doest that place really needs any illumination, than the homes of poor?
Now don’t you dare give me that very excuse of yours that you haven’t asked us any of that. I am no way going to buy that, as isn’t this world your creation. Isn’t everything happens here as per your choice? If not, then why the hell we pray you and are hopeful. Either stop this, or stop that, God.  

You see, am not a theist. Neither am I an atheist. I guess I do believe in you, and I believe everyone who believes in you, be it whatever they call themselves or whatever name they have given you. But at the same time, I don’t want to leave any chance doubting you as well.

Are you really there? Is this your world? Have you really made it? Or may be its just that your creativity is getting old fashioned now.

I doubt why do people celebrate your birthday? And why not your death day because from my eyes, celebrating your death will be more logical in today’s world with all these corruptions, rapes and ruthless killings happening everywhere, all the time.  

Or is it just that you cannot die? Or is it just all some lie? Because if you are not dead, then show us some signs of yourself, God. It’s high time and we cannot see any more of our sisters being raped, brothers massacred, and children starving, and what not.

The climax is getting too long boss. Your picture is starting to get exaggerated and I am afraid I will sleep. I am dying to sing, dance and whistle, God.

Make your entry, God, make your entry… NOW!!!  

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

If alone I rise,
do fire my dreams,
do burn my desires..

I'll fight over pains,
let me remain unmourned,

& who cares.??

Nights are worthless,
if dreams
don't meet their fates.

Love becomes endless
when we loose
the fear of checkmates..

Beneath a disgust,
behind a betrayal,
are accumulated bumps
of a malign day..

& what if

& what if,
my existence gets rejected?

I will tel you,
I'll go d warriors' way.!

With tears to drink,
with wounds
not to portray,
with winds of pains
to breath,

No matter,
if even my Gods
curse my essence,
& if every time it seems
no reason to exist,
no way to sense,

O, surely my world,

I will rise,
I will stand,
& firm my breaths.

& for all those pains
I will pay..

I will go the warriors' way..
I will go the warriors' way.!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Today something very interesting happened. Well, interestings need not to be always in high spirits, but they lure interests in such a way, that we forget to be sad. And thus it seems to be interestingly interesting. 

Like the incident I witnessed, was interesting. I was laughing at that point, but at this moment while writing this, I am feeling how un-interesting it should have been. Un-interest-thing. Not all the things, but also not not-all-the-things. 

Rohan, one dear friend of mine, post having dinner was craving for cigarette. Those who smoke must know this urge very well. These fags, I must tell you, works like water plus Hajmola, post meals. 

Remember, when you are hungry, the churns you get in your belly? Added to that when you know the food you are going to have, is going to be appetizing. It tows your attention and a part of your brain gets engaged somewhere in the corner fantasizing about it. 

And as soon as we finish the food, think of the longing you have for water? The thirst, the way it makes our throat small’s craving bigger than the body big? Imagine. Just imagine. And post meal when we have water-sipping session, sorry, gulping session, as its more vastly a word when used regarding quenching thirsts.                                                                                                                                                                                                             So, think of when we raise our head, put up with that momentary pain, and the water begins to wet our lips, and skates down our throat, drenching every inch of it, and our heart starts making love to the feeling of quenching one of the neediest desires our throat can make. 

Two of the vital needs get fulfilled here- food and water. But the smokers have one more adding to this- to smoke. 

Sharing this from my personal experiences, I am telling you, as soon as our hunger gets handled, and thirst starts to get thirstier, our food pipe starts developing an another passage for the smokers, to smoke.                                                                                                                                                                                                         But little do we pay attention that these smoke not only stem but steam us, but also bake us, and bake the hell out of our lungs. And sooner than later, these baking start becoming a barrier in our breathing, and behaving. 

And meanwhile in some parallel universe, my friend was still yearning for a cigarette. Calling off a busy day, he was a little more than just tired today, and that’s why couldn’t go out to buy his night’s quotas. But so what, we smokers do have our “sources”. And not necessarily our friends will be our sources. But I have seen many “sources” also slowly but surely becoming friends. Yes, there are even non-smokers friends to smokers. But, call it their “Birds of same feather flock together” mentality or actually matching mentality streaks, I have seen many friendships “igniting” from a fag. 

Meanwhile, in the same parallel universe, my friend has already dialed Rahman’s number. Rahman, my another friend. He also smokes, and yes, I belong to the same friend circle.

Rahman: Say dude…
Rohan: Where the hell are you, man?
Rahman: Why? What’s the matter?
Rohan: Nothing really. Just went to your room, and you weren’t there…
Rahman: Ahaaa... Seems like somebody is missing me, @@#$%&*@ ???
Rohan: LOL. :D Well, I have got the notes of the class you bunked today.
Rahman: Fine dude, bring them to class tomorrow.
Rohan: (Shit…) Okay… But hey… I had brought some barfis for you my friend. Where are you? Let me come to you.
Rahman: Fine. Keep them in my room, or else wait there, I am coming in a while.
Rohan: (%$#@@#$%) Ok bro. But yes one more thing. Remember Alexis Texas? I have got her latest video.
Rahman: Fuck it @#$%%$#@... Tell me what it is, before it gets too late. ;-) And FYI, am very much happy and satisfied with my Sunny Leone. :p
Rohan: Sutta, man…!!!
Rahman: Hahahahahahahaha… :D
Rohan: What? :O
Rahman: Hahahaha… Lol dude, I just dragged the last fag meanwhile you were bullshitting with me. :P
Rohan: Fuck you @#$%%$#@... Keep the phone!!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

And that was my laughter. I was laughing infused in their conversation. And I was laughing amused by their conversation. 

This was nothing but just a quick look of how casual conversations take place in friends, on such a casual thing like a cigarette. But let’s not take it casually my friend. 

And this is not just about Smoking. We do tend to take a lot of serious stuffs seriously casually like this. 

  •   To reach somewhere a little before, we DO break traffic rules, at times.
  •  To save a little of our money, we DO travel without tickets in trains, at times.
  •  To drive a little more comfortably, we DO not use seat belt, at times.
  •   To derive a little more pleasure/relief, we Do tell lies, at times.
  •   To gain a little more, we Do cheat, at times.                                                                                
…and what not man… And if we do add all these “a little… at times”, it iterates a lot of these “times” big time, and that compiles our life. 

So what does that mean?

  • That means in major portion of our time, we are casual, than serious.
  •  That means the serious part of our lives is spent being casual, than serious.
  •  That means if we casually start taking our casual life a little less casually, and more seriously; we can seriously start living our lives seriously more seriously, and less casually.  

By the way, did we notice my friends Rohan and Rahman? One is Hindu and the other is Muslim. And the cigarette draws them together. 

Bachchan said, “मंदिर मस्जिद बैर कराती, मेल कराती मधुशाला...

True that, but what is that fire which can if attach together, is no less capable of detaching also that well. And that will do separate us if we glued to it for long. 

Afterall, if an eye for eye can blind, the fire for fire will burn the world.

P.S Its eleven days that I have quit smoking, and this post is written seriously casually to vent out my urge to fire.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Friday, 1 February 2013

There you go common, man...

Ha ha ha..
Ha ha ha ha ha…

You don’t give me a penny
When I come to you begging…
But you squander away, anyway
And call it from your savings…

Fish, food and forget,
Is all does your clan…
You are not just common,
You are way a little more than that, man.

When your bones churn,
And your forest burns,
Only then you come out crying
In bloody crowds of tonnes…

But where have you been
When we die of hunger,
For a piece of cloth, and bread two
Our children out wander??

Whereas you are in posh cars,
And in theatres and bars,
We eventually breed tears
So as to wash off our scars!

And on the rise of that dark night
When some of you,
Killed some others of you,
it little did bother we few

Because little does we matter to you
We will again be left to tan
Where you will go clicking and sneaking us
And there is where you go common,
You "common" man.???!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….

P.S The cartoon is by the legendary R K Laxman ji.. :-)